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Philosophy of Music

09 June 2016

[this is a drafty mess transcribed from paper. Really need some kind of bluetooth flexible keyboard to use with a smartphone…]

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[todo: Taiwan culture and streets, clingy relationships, social world of locality]

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I finally got some cheap, yet amazingly good, headphones. Listening to them reminds me of a past time of my life — programming for capital in VA [Virginia, USA], commuting to college, doing chore-like work at home (repetitive organizing on the computer); Now I’m able to see that the way I survived the suburbs is because I abused music.

Using technology is not normal. It is much slower to communicate through technology than it is to simply talk — within one’s head, out loud, or through writing. Technology distracts thinking and communicating.
Music interrupts, blocks thinking and communicating. To blog, for instance, I may need to connect to the internet, charge my digital device. Looking at my blog may distract further, directing thought toward design — trying to make it more readable, increasing interaction. It [technology] distracts from the content, from the act of writing, the act of thought expression.
Music blocks thinking. It’s the only way to act, it seems. To take an action that is not communication nor survival, one must drug onelsef with more ot push one’s body to act.

With more, people organize, over-organize, over-work, over-accumulate capital. They forget to talk. Asia talks; America works. In Taiwan, reading is common (though likely passively), a common way to communicate. In America, new arts are created to communicate which all require more work (game-making!) to communicate the message compared to human language. Why not just communicate via human language? (Maybe music blocks people from expressing through human language.)
It also may block thought of the environment. It helps people focus on something — media, art, material, “work”, but rarely does it lead to talking to people nearby, to thinking about how the environemnt came to be, history, others, social problems, etc. It is a mind-altering drug, one that inhibits verbal expression.

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I believe I was at a point of only acting to communicate. I didn’t do anything else. I’d talk to the people around me, then, to books, then run out of energy and collapse, partly because my body had become fail, partly because capitalism doesn’t allow that kind of life of mind. It prefers a life of bodily action, of movement of commodity. The movement of commodity is the opposite of the movement of meanings (communication). It is detestable, a chore, it provokes humans to abuse music; whereas communication is enjoyable, not requiring music.

If joy comes from the creation of communication, then the creation of commoidity requires a kind of drug to make-up for the lack of enjoyment. It is ideal to creat ecommodity whilst creating communicationl but that isn’t always possible (though, technology helps immensely here, with eBook listening, audio-recording, telephones, etc.). Eventually, either from habit of work, habit of listening to music, one nearly forgets to communicate. That’s frightening, because that’s the difference between a person who expresses and one that doesn’t, the difference between a free mind and a restricted mind. [A free person and restricted person {slave}?] America is full of restricted minds. Asia is full of free minds.

The West prioritizes media, the communication through mediums. The East prioritizes [direct] communication, even in it’s simply a conversation with a friend. There is much widsom in the people as opposed to media. It doesn’t distribute well, but it’s a healthy lifestyle. The West begins with (Plato and) Aristotle. The East relies on the oral world which retains the culture. Culture is not distributed through media; It is through human interaction, direct communication. That is opposite of the culture industry of America. [todo: should continue*****].

[todo: epistemology of music]

[todo: action and music]

Without music I only act toward survival and communication — the socio-political expressions. Music allows me to live unsocially. It gives energy without people. I needed people during my time in Asia. I was dependent on people. I strived to do everything with people [todo: need anchor to Taiwan section]. I tried to socio-politically cooperate to strive toward ideals (civic, social, design). I didn’t work, I just communicated.

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America has been running on music at least since slaves worked to their own creative folk tunes; Now, white brokers on Wall street work while listening to hip-hop. Maybe the creation of music is skewed toward the working class because they need it to get by, influenced and inspired by it, mimic the creation of it, listening to raps about wage-labor whilst laboring for wage. I sure did — through game, film, and fine arts / new media. That expression, anti-capitalism in America is perhaps the strongest emotion in American culture, perhaps even more-so than love (all forms of it). And it [the creation capitalism-influenced art] probably has not been broken since capitalism has existed.

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That is why the East lacks art through mediums — most is expression through oral communication, then to written communication, then lastly to other mediums. The history of the complex part of Eastern art is perhaps solely literature. It is because America listens to music that they [tend to] communicate through mediums.

digression: How is communication prioritized? I guess that’s left to attention. Communication is just information.

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[todo: American culture and music -> media]

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Music is awful. It blocks thinking. Gives energy, for physical exercise, but actions are not thought of, just taken. It blocks thinking before taking an action. The decision-making phase is skipped. Is this action? Is this life? How can such mindlessness be? How wild the affects of music are.

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Passion before Physiological Needs

08 November 2014

~2/14/13 to 8/6/13 in San Francisco the second time:
The most important thing is having a project to be passionate about. Then everything else, exercise, diet, social become secondary.

Why the recent laziness? Why am I not consuming as much? Need air conditioning? I didn’t before! Pure motivation. Be more timely.

Proven many times by every dramatic film.

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Creativity and Exercise

11 May 2014

[Old draft. Did not finish, but just posting anyway. I think it goes well with Methods of Sustaining Creativity in the Same Place. Basically, how does one sustain life while consistently creating?]

Exercise! It’s kind of needed. But it doesn’t have to be routine, or boring.

In college, I started with P90X. It provided an all around good balance of Anaerobic exercises, but it was too slow. I normally like to just release all of my energy, then go back to work. Perhaps I was working too hard back then. I then used Insanity. With more plyometrics I was able to tire myself quicker. It also used my own routine’s order: quick cardio to tire self (warm up), workout, minimal cool down. After completing both, I usually combined the two, and just did whatever exercises depending on which body part was not tired.

Sometimes I’d just have a lot of energy, especially after over-sleeping on a Friday or Saturday night after a work week. I love biking. I can bike forever. Especially through cities. Exploring and biking. Running works too, but it’s not nearly as fun, and it’s just not good for the knees.

Of course there are more creative forms of exercise; The past exercises were because I had sedentary jobs.

Mixed martial arts is appealing. But it seems to require much time and effort going to a teacher ‘n all, so I never bothered. I do however incorporate kicks and punches in my routine. Some kind of shadowboxing. Besides, nobody fights anymore. And going to a teacher is not very creative.

In comes two non-fighting exercises: dancing (freestyle breakdancing) and parkour. Both of which I’d consider arts. Dancing, usually, interacts less with environment than parkour, therefore I find less interesting. There’s a lot to explore in dancing, but it’s usually more with the body and floor (if alone). Dancing as an art, as opposed to exercise, is quite different. Parkour, however, is creative , explorative, and always offers exercise.

Instead of exercising in a room in front of a monitor or fitness instructor, you explore an environment, figure out the most efficient way to get from point A to point B, or the most stylish way (Freerunning), whichever.

I feel that it’s a natural extension of my childhood. I used to jump off swings, jump over ditches and fences, bike, run, dive, do whatever was needed to not get tagged. It was fun. Parkour is just an adult version of those playground games I used to play, now with a name.

todo: further thinking
How can exercise positively affect the world?
– generate power, social / community, teach discipline, public bicycles (replaces wasteful transportation)

All around a great workout. It focuses on a seperate group of muscles for each routine, spreading the workload out over a course of a week. It contains yoga, cardio, weight lifting, etc.

This is far more focused on cardio and plyometrics, break your knee shit.

I’d recommend buying p90x and trying Insanity (borrow from a friend). There’s some ideas I like in Insanity. I like that you don’t start out with stretches, instead you start with a burst of cardio, stretch, then work out. I also like that Insanity encourages you to only take a minimal break (a few seconds) then get right back into the rigorous routine. This helps me push myself.

I was able to get through p90x without prior workout fairly easily, only slowing down on certain workouts (arms). I had to take a few second breaks every now and then in Insanity.

Prior to both workouts, I did my own elementary P.E. exercises and either ran or biked around the city. I’ve always had a small, thin build, but able to do perform well athletically.

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