Culture and [Social] Development

05 October 2016

transcribed from an old sheet of paper:

travel vs efficiency (medicine, engineer, etc.)
travel vs system / organization (city, social organization)
experience vs work
– [perhaps I meant, following culture vs working toward social and / or material organization aka development]
care for culture vs reality
care for culture
– mind
– **social reality**
– lack intelligence / belief, story
– The Act of Killing, cultural problems
– **no desire, apolitical, state**
– yet happy
– aboriginal singing
– **non-capitalism**
– culture / family [end / category]

– education, resource, intelligence / skepticism, empiricism
– fix problems, critical
– **desire better, political, progress**
– yet not happy
– Kendrick Lamar
– **capitalism?**
– society / help all [end / category]

from another sheet of paper:
[todo: maybe to another post, toward survival-only work, do not care for culture / education, as to allow for all cultures to thrive]
next sheet:
Tainan day 1:
straight to Planett
– thinking about south / east of Taiwan
– development in Tainan vs development in *south / east*
– SE being simpler, more creative, *leads to tools for survival*
– can’t stop thinking about this, social relations with place, like tonghua, small towns, neighborhoods
– gov, non-gov, community
– kickstart vs find / join organization / just live there first?
– or design?
– vs independent art (myself)
– only care for *survival* – engi (social, construction, software tools [personal, commercial, functional], etc.) / medicine (social health / healthcare)
– gov vs non-gov?
– *material infrastructure*
x/- education / social?
– can’t interrupt culture
– i saw it. Their schools suck. Just give computer vs local culture.
– *self-learning is best*

possible further reading:

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