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24 October 2009

i had to write the following down somewhere, i’ve gone over these things so many times

i think it’s very hard to to grow up in the US and end up being a well-balanced (good judgement) individual

i think most of the choices you make, to become who you are, are done by genetics, which is sad.

…but most of my brown generation have followed a brolife, which is fine…i guess…but they’re not really trying in school or life. just lost souls in a stupid society

…and what happened to the learning!? did people lose their ability to learn? now people just say, “oh this stupid device is broken, and now i have to buy a new one”. google/wikipedia more! if my 42yr old aunt can come to america, learn english/computers/owning a house/getting and keeping a job, then so can anyone younger than her.

judgement is probably the trait i value the most. my dad has the best, and i have the second best ^^.

mom wins in willpower. maybe i’ll gain some willpower, once i have my own family.

life and money[:]
0-30 brood creativity – think of ideas/invent/design

31-50 family

50+ charity/help family and friends
Rahil, 24/10/2009, thoughts

maybe if i write down my thoughts, i can think of new ones, since i will feel like these thoughts have been established. [the following was written on 1/22] if i write down my thoughts, i won’t dwell on the same thoughts either.
Rahil, 31/10/2009(7?), thoughts

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