Obligated to be an Artist

07 July 2010

During the past few weeks, here at home, I’ve been thinking a lot. Mostly because I am unemployed and not working on anything. I’ve slowly been coming to term with my own personality, who I am. I’m a lone adventurer, who embarks on his own path, experiencing everything personally, with an open heart. Nobody’s opinion has influenced me in another direction. Every choice I make is composed purely of my own judgement and feeling. Living in a house near family and friends restricts my personal adventures. I never turn down favors, and I’m quite technical, so I’m often helping others. A job in a company feels the same. I’m just helping someone else. “It’s nothing personal, just business”. None of it is satisfying as a personal adventure.

Now that I’ve come closer to knowing myself, I think I know what I can be. Using my personal experiences and expressing it through a medium, I think I could be a great artist. I feel that I have the taste and vision of one.

Only a small percent of people have the intelligence and ambition of my close friends. An even smaller percent have my personality. Even less have the opportunity. Being part of such a small group, I almost feel obligated to be an artist.

This is precisely the experience which should have occurred at a much earlier age. After high school should be the the norm, not after college; and after elementary school should be the goal.

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