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11 December 2010

I have a data whoring personality. I have way to many things-to-do lists, and text files with data which can be easily found on the internet. I’m trying to move away from this, yet I still persist.

Previously, to download my Netflix Ratings I used to use a script in Greasemonkey, but that didn’t work this time. After some Googling, I found LikeMinds (SaveMyRatings).

“LikeMinds is a service for sharing your favorites and discovering new stuff; including movies, books, music, people and places, with the help of other like-minded people.

LikeMinds also allows you to share your ratings with friends by quickly copying your ratings from different websites including Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, Flixster, Yahoo, IMDB, RottenTomates , iTunes, Winamp, GoodReads, Shelfari and many more websites and applications.”

I signed up and was able to import my Netflix ratings to the LikeMinds server, but I had trouble finding how to import it to a local file. Then I found this link. I had to log into Facebook for some reason, but it worked!

LikeMinds saves your ratings into a CSV file, which can be opened with Excel, then easily manipulated to however you like.

There were some errors. Some foreign movie titles contained weird characters. I even found a movie I can’t find on Netflix–“Wild, Wild West: The Steel Assassin” from 1999! Regardless, my storage greedy personality was satisifed.

I went even further adding friends similar to me, which resulted with a list of “movies new to you that your 19 LikeMinds rated highly”.

This list already seemed far more useful than any recommendations I’ve received from Netflix! Now if only I rated all of my music…

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  1. Nice, I’ve been looking for a way to do this! I’d really like it if I could get my star ratings to generate an RSS feed that I could use to automatically catch new star ratings, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

    • Awesome! Yea, I’m thinking about writing a simple reusable script to gather Netflix information, but I’m afraid I would have to constantly update it every time they make a major change…and cause I suck at programming! If that old greasemonkey javascript worked, that would have been a great start. Hmm, maybe I’ll try that script again, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke…Welp, good luck to ya!

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