The Ideal Way to Experience

05 October 2016

alternative titles: The Ideal Way to Travel

Perhaps associated with Time and Space in Anthropology and The Ideal Work.

from a sheet of paper:
live -> area problem -> *(low) work
live -> *(high) art
live -> love (place and people)

go around Taiwan with a group
kickstart projects together
find room
move to next town
[to ideal work]

digital libraries
– teach how to use e-reader, read. films. other arts.
– in squatter spaces!
– [vs public government buildings, such as libraries]
– add sign, no cost
– comfortable space as self-education
– not education / social [? maybe meaning that the space is not social to the locality?]

from another sheet of paper:
50 days walk, 30km/day
France to China
no belongings / small backpack is enough
– no tent if enough friends
– [hmm. I don’t think this is possible. Need backpack with tent, like Patrick, then hitch.]
no worry
– need traveler friends, need to walk around Taiwan

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