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19 January 2014

[todo: rename philosophy to filosophy. Will it break anchors?]

This post started as a tool for gauging direction using past thoughts, but with some organization (to the discontent of WordPress’s organization), it now resembles a philosophical corpus of a child.

The asterisks (*) have nothing to do with the quality of the content or even the content of the post, rather, it is the importance of the idea to me, as a way of gauging future directions, spaces to explore, [spaces] worth exploring.

original post:
These are posts I felt either are aiming at ideals, are ongoing, or are worth thinking about some more, or pursuing. Nearly all of them were written during a period of isolation after a period of travel.

writings ordered by time (and difference in state of mind)

Final Philosophy 0

(posts between 2011/1/2 – 2014/3/22)
[todo: stopped re-reading (for idea extraction or judging quality by adding asterisks) somewhere in here]
[todo: maybe break this up into I, II, III…)
Why have a personal blog?
A thought about creative careers and the influence of money
Overcoming the internal conflicts of an artist

Film Socialisme
My Justification of Art in Video Games
a List of Game Ideas
What makes a game meaningful and how innovative mechanics aren’t enough

Home (between NY and SF pt. II):
The Choice between Career and Exploration
Inspired by Films (and everything else)

SF pt. II:
Designing Educational Games: The Indie Way
Universalism in Art*
Creative Programming**
Life and Technology

[todo: stopped here]
Creativity Derives from Nothing***
– Life and Education*
– Life and Technology**
– [todo: should finish travel observations series. Hong Kong and Seoul are published here.]
Creativity Derives from Nothing**
Flexibility and Immigration
Time and Value
Flexibility and Learning
a Self-assessment
Organized Things I’ve Written****
A Personal Statement for Design and Technology*
A Personal Statement for Game Design
A Critical Analysis of Super Smash Bros. Melee

Final Philosophy I

(posts between 2014/03/23 – 2014/8/3):
– in retrospect, because I was trying to write while thinking fast, the writings lack vocabulary or use other words to encompass other meanings. I think much of the content is still good, if not better, because they are a closer reflection of my experiences — in the duration of time between experience and thought (and writing), and in the distance between sensory experience and rationalizing.
– from An Attempt to Write Everything I Know and then on, I began writing some, blogging some, using and quoting my thoughts file to gain topics from very recent personal experiences, surprisingly similar to Montaigne. My thoughts file is endless, and it may be impossible to philosophize all of my experiences, but, for the time, I tried.
A Self-assessment II
The Effects of Weather*
Sleeping Problems*

A Foreigner Crashes at the Legislative Yuan’s Slumber Party**
– Nomadism, Culture, and The Playful Quest for Knowledge**
Lone Work and Depression

– The Apex of Mania and Creativity in Taipei*
– Creativity, External Stimuli, Cities, and Suburbs***
Taiwan and Japan: Active and Passive Lifestyles*
The Ideal Method of Learning**
Prose is Superfluous: Active Communication through Play and Art****
Books, Passive Media, and The Internet*
Island Nations and Globalization*
Okinawa is Inhospitable*
My Creative Process, Honing Theory, and Nomadism*
Methods of Sustaining Creativity in The Same Place*
Creativity and Exercise*
Two Phases in Life**
Lateral Thinking, External Stimuli, and Self-Control*
Learning via Empericism**
Game Philosophy
A Sequential List of Game Experiences that I Remember

Why I Love Tsai-Ming Liang’s Films*
Philosophy of Literature: What’s left?
Social Life as Lifetime
Extrovert and Introvert Learning
Hedonism and Wisdom
Hypomania and Creativity
Philosophy from Media versus Life; New York versus the World**
Inaction in a Bookshop in Taipei*
An Attempt to Write Everything I Know**

[todo: stopped reorganization here]
Autonomy of Taiwan***
The Home Fallacy or: Nomadism is Normal****
[todo: stopped cosmetic cleaning of blockquote tags (use cite tag, remove quotes) here]
Why read the Western philosophy canon?
Conciseness in Art**
The Obsolescence of Literature and the Future of Education
How and When to Write, and the Impossibility of a Solitary Life*
The Purpose of a Blog: A Medium for Essays and Self-Assessments
In Praise of Experimental Art Communities**

JRPGs Emulate Travel*

Final Philosophy II

– 2014/9/19 – 2015/1/22
Information Organization, Mediums, Creativity, and Experience*****
Information, Media, and Education***
No more writing****
Public Places***
A Design Strategy for Data****
A Liberal Arts Self Study Curriculum**
Life and Action*
A Few Design Ideas****
What makes a classic, classic?
Hippie Ethics**
The Ideal Public Space*****
Korea and the Apex of SPD**
A Project Plan for an Urban Area****
Happiness and Public Spaces***
My Education*
Wolf Children**
I Think of Dean Moriarty*
Teaching in Poor Places
Start from Nothing
The Ideal Household
The Ideal Neighborhood**
Social Life in Proximity**
The Most Powerful Forms of Art***
Searching for the Greatest Environment Ethics***
New York and Taiwan*****
Survival and Self-expression
Chaos and Organization*
Creativity as Organization from Chaos
Solitude and Depression
賈樟柯’s (Jia Zhangke) Trilogy***
The Limits of Digital Work
Epicureanism in the Suburbs*
The Distance between Humans******
Tools for Organizing***
Tools for Disorganizing**
Epicureanism and Media*
Mapping Grammar**
The Failures of Self-Expression as Charity***
Materials and Media**
Decision-making, Civics, and Technology****
Urban Planning for Solidarity***
DIY Ethics in Developing Countries***
Large and Small Communities
The Speed of Decision-making*
Oral Culture and the Speed of Decision-making****

Final Philosophy III

[todo: some of the posts may exist under a category but not listed here]
– The Ideology of Taiwan[*****]
– Space, Time, and People**
etching out autonomous ideals (Yilan, Taiwan 2015/7? – 2015/9?):
– Self-service Housing
– Self-service Work
– A Thought about Quality
– Awareness and Consciousness**
– The Speed of Ideas***[*]
– A Curriculum of Experience****
How the Material Came to Be[***** potential stars!]
The Revolution Will Not Be in the Bedroom***
– Tools for Autodidacts***
Is Continental Philosophy a Dead End?*
Will to Take Care of Locality**
A Project Plan for an Urban Area****
The Affects of Audio*
Why are [the] arts segregated?***
Working Memory and Community**
Working Memory and Creativity**
Material Organizations and Autonomy****

– pondering directions in Yilan, Taiwan, 2015/9/30 – 2015/12/6
Anchors, Famous Nomads, and The Ideal Nomadic Lifestyle***
Into the Wild
Talking to Myself to Create a Statement Objective***

Final Philosophy IV

criticism of capitalism, communication, and rationality
– Yilan, Taiwan, 2015/11/18 – 2015/10/10:
Silicon Valley and Capitalism**
Talking to Myself During a Late Night from an Isolated Place**
Why did I Read?*****
Free from Capitalism****
Awareness and Communication*
Communication, Social Action, and Cities*[*]
Criticism of Innovative Urban Areas**
Communication and Rationality[*]
The Distance between Communication and Reality***
Why I Did What I Did***
I Can Almost See the Sun***
On Humanism***[*]

Final Philosophy V

towards sociology of space, human geography, and environmental psychology:
The Categorization of Knowledge***
Time and Space in Anthropology***
The Organization of the World*
Forms and Design**[***]
The Metropolis and Mental Life by Georg Simmel***[*]
The Practice of Life***[**]
An Interview with Chris Marker***[*]
The Constitution of Space by Martina Löw [draft]
Action and Determinism [draft]
Railroad Space and Railroad Time

Final Philosophy VI

(travel around Taiwan, see schools)
the values of women:
The Values of Good Women [draft]
Letters to Good Women I’ve Met [draft]
Critical Theory in Relationships [draft]
Girl Talk [draft, private]

culture (anarchy, psychology, ideologies) of Taiwan:
Action and Determinism [draft] (again)
Being Political and Not [draft]
Having an Experience and Not [draft]
Mental States and Determinism [draft]
Anarchy and Taiwan [draft]
A List of Ideologies in Taiwanese Culture [pre-draft][*****]
maybe a few more drafts

[todo: skipped many]

critical theory: inclusion / exclusion:
– at Gaoxiong and West Taiwan
A Study Plan*****
School vs City***
Creating Comfortable Spaces
The Way of Including****

media, dialectics, and action:
– at Xizhi
Thoughts, Highlights, Notes, and Dialectics with Media
Media and Action

politics and capitalism (a continuation of culture of Taiwan):
Language and Decision-making****
Capitalistic Behavior[*****]
The Ideal Work[*****]

urban planning, pattern languages:
– at Taida
Noisy Transportation Destroys [Social] Atmosphere***
Transportation Disrupts Sense of Space****
My Blog Contains a Pattern Language

The Boy and the Beast

meditations, being political in an apolitical society, ethics:
– at Taida in isolation
[a continuation of politics and capitalism, especially second part of Language and Decision-making and The Ideal Work]
On Stoicism***

Final Philosophy VII

history, historiography, what is worth reading, kinds of literature (book formats, publishers), the search for ideal societies in the past:
Translations of Laozi and Zuhangzi: A Translation Hell
Translations of Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans [Parallel Lives]
Notes on Translations of Ancient Literature
Lessons in Research of a Past Time
The Kinds of Literature and the Extraction of Ideas
In Search of a Past Time
Reading Political History
Why Academia is Insular[***] [draft, physical paper]

Education and Communication [draft, physical paper]

My Workflow for Written Expression

Final Philosophy VIII

meditations (continued), society and action:
Philosophy of Music
Childhood and Media and This Recent Lonely Phase****
Action, Attention, and Space*****
Book-shops and Learning**

Final Philosophy IX

[todo: many of the film reviews are old, re-listed here, some re-watched and re-reviewed]
possible ways to live in the current world, anime:
おおかみこどもの雨と雪 (~Wolf Children Ame and Yuki)
おもひでぽろぽろ (~Memories Drip-drop)
幻の光 (~Will-o’-the-wisp)
蛍火の杜へ (~Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light)
– [todo: maybe content doesn’t fit category]
歸途列車 (Last Train Home)
A Japanese Ideal
Creativity, What Society Needs, and What Society Wants[****]
Culture and [Social?] Development[****]
The Ideal Way to Experience***
Sense Deprivation
[note: skipped a few posts]
Film Lists, Watching Life, and Letting the Beauty Emerge

Final Philosophy X


Final Philosophy n

– this is placeholder, scroll up!

writings categorized by a vague direction

Experiential (Ways of Learning)

The Categorization of Knowledge*** (from Philosophy V)
Time and Space in Anthropology*** (from Philosophy V)
School vs City*** (from Philosophy VI)
The Way of Including**** (from Philosophy VI)
Language and Decision-making**** (from Philosophy VI)
The Ideal Work***** (from Philosophy VI)
– Why Academia is Insular[***] (from Philosophy VI)
The Ideal Way to Experience*** (from Philosophy IX)

Practical (Technology, Intervention)

Lost Survival Values and a Proposal (from Philosophy II)
DIY Ethics in Developing Countries*** (from Philosophy II)
Materials and Media** (from Philosophy II)
A Design Strategy for Data**** (from Philosophy II)
Decision-making, Civics, and Technology**** (from Philosophy II)
Tools for Organizing*** (from Philosophy II)
Tools for Disorganizing** (from Philosophy II)
– Tools for Autodidacts*** (from Philosophy III)
Mapping Grammar** (from Philosophy II)
Talking to Myself to Create a Statement Objective***
A Project Plan for an Urban Area**** (from Philosophy III)
A Study Plan***** (from Philosophy VI)

Ideal (Society)

The Ideal Environment (from pre-Philosophy)
The Home Fallacy or: Nomadism is Normal**** (from Philosophy I)
Searching for the Greatest Environment Ethics*** (from Philosophy II)
Anchors, Famous Nomads, and The Ideal Nomadic Lifestyle*** (from Philosophy III)
The Distance between Humans****** (from Philosophy II)
New York and Taiwan***** (from Philosophy II)
Will to Take Care of Locality** (from Philosophy III)
Urban Planning for Solidarity*** (from Philosophy II)
Large and Small Communities (from Philosophy II)

The Ideal Public Space***** (from Philosophy II)
The Ideal Neighborhood** (from Philosophy II)
The Ideal Work***** (from Philosophy VI)
– The Ideal City

– The Ideal Economy
– The Ideal Society

Natural (Autonomous Ideal)

The Home Fallacy or: Nomadism is Normal**** (from Early Philosophy I)
– Autonomy of Taiwan*** (from Philosophy I)
– Self-service Housing (from Philosophy III)
– Self-service Work (from Philosophy III)
Material Organizations and Autonomy**** (from Philosophy III)
Creating Comfortable Spaces (from Philosophy VI)

complete writings (auto-generated)

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Complete pre-Philosophy

(beginning – 2014/7)

Complete Philosophy I

(2014/3 – 2014/8)

    Complete Philosophy II

    (2014/9 – 2015/1)

    Complete Philosophy III

    (2015/2 – 2015/12)

          Complete Philosophy IV, V, VI, VII…

          (2016/1 – 2016/12)

          Complete Philosophy post-2016

          (2017/1 – 2017/12)

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                  thoughts about this post

                  Over time, this page has been quite useful in gauging importance and directing thought, so I organized it a little more, and added it to the top menu. It probably totally subverts the utility of WordPress’s organization, but it’s all I’ve got as of now!

                  [todo: should really clean this up, clean and finish all drafts, continue using my thoughts files to extract personal ideas and build on them.]

                  I ended up organizing nearly everything I’ve blogged! Hurray! It’s not nearly as exhaustive as my thoughts.txt, but, the hope is, the things I wrote were things that I thought were, at least at the moment of blogging, important.

                  This layout turns out to work really well. I can easily read old writings, remember what I was thinking of, and if I want, etch the thought out further. It also makes it easier to organize, for example, an earlier post titled the The Home Fallacy, clearly has ideas of autonomous ideals. It’s also fun just to play around with it, like a book, skipping to chapters, getting ideas, and creating new paths.

                  This has indeed slowly become my philosophical corpus.

                  But let’s hope I don’t spend much time here.

                  Hmm, can this organization further be automated, so that while I’m outside, using my phone to write thoughts directly here, I will never need to sit down and organize again? WordPress’s organization is indeed terrible. Over time, I’ve nearly created an outline of knowledge in the WordPress’s categories. It’s useless. I guess the list of posts by date is all I’ve got. It sure sucks not being able to generate a list of posts, then edit it, say, adding *’s. I think it’s okay to separate [writings by] periods of time, but perhaps I should avoid re-ordering them by categories.

                  Yeah, forget the organization of words, stick to the organization of people (and material)!

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